MiEssence Toothpaste

When I brush my teeth in the morning, it reminds me how important what we put in our mouth is to our overall health.  Just the act of brushing the teeth itself is vital to both health and social harmony.  But the product we put on the toothbrush can be beneficial or not.  It can also be harmful in subtle ways.

I was pretty young when I realized that brushing my teeth with something that was sweet was probably not the right thing to do.  If we are told not to eat candy because “it will rot your teeth,” how can sugar in our toothpaste be right?  So I started looking for a toothpaste without sugar.  At one point, I remember using just plain old baking soda as an option, but that tastes pretty nasty.

Then some toothpastes started using artificial sweeteners.  But I never did trust those chemicals in sodas or in toothpaste.  Turns out my instincts were right, of course.  It was a blessing when Tom’s of Maine came out with their “natural” toothpastes.  At first, it was hard work to even find them, but worth the effort.  Little did I know that even these natural products had some questionable ingredients.

When I first found the MiEssence brand in the summer of 2007, it was the facial moisturizer that first caught my eye.  But as I tried the other products and found that they too worked well and contained only beneficial ingredients, I set out to try everything.  Early on, I tried the MiEssence Lemon Toothpaste; and I still use it two years later.

It’s not sweet at all (no sugar or artificial sweeteners) and it gets my teeth squeaky clean like baking soda (which is an ingredient).  My teeth truly feel cleaner and I know that it contains only beneficial, USDA certified organic ingredients.  Toothpaste heaven!

For reference and to allow you to do further research, here are some terrific resources:

Brushing up on the safety of toothpaste ingredients is an article published in May of 2005 which talks about the research done by the Environmental Working Group on toothpaste ingredients.

At their Safe Cosmetics Database website, EWG posts safety ratings of all types of of personal care products including toothpaste.   If you do a search on “toothpaste” at that site you will find two unsafe ingredients used in toothpastes, and 606 individual toothpaste products listed with their safety ratings.  The three flavors of MiEssence toothpaste, Lemon, Mint, and Anise, are all listed with zero out of ten “hazard” points.  And MiEssence is the ONLY brand with a zero hazard ranking in this category.

We sell all three flavors of MiEssence toothpaste on our storefront website, http://www.MyrtleBeachOrganics.com.

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