ONEgroup Preferred Customers

Becoming a Preferred Customer at our ONEgroup website – – is the very best way to save money on ordering MiEssence, MiEnviron, and MiVitality products.  But this month, new benefits have been added for Preferred Customers that make it an even more fabulous opportunity.

Starting in February 2009, ONEgroup Preferred Customers will receive a monthly newsletter directly from ONEgroup announcing new product specials each month and providing useful news and information.  For instance, this month, we are offering a FREE


MiEssence Rejuvenessence Facial Serum

with the purchase of any full size MiEssence Skin Care Essentials Pack.   That is a product valued at $37.95 for free.  This discount is on top of the normal 10% off all products because of your status as a Preferred Customer.  It’s a terrific value and a terrific offer!

And in just a few days, March 1st, another special offer will become available to Preferred Customers.

Becoming a Preferred Customer is totally FREE and you are not obligated to any minimum orders whatsoever.  To join, all you have to do is make a purchase at retail price from our ONEgroup storefront.  That purchase can be of any size at all.  You could even purchase some samples or travel sizes.  There is a free shipping offer for orders of $100 or more, but the shipping fee on smaller orders is just $7.95.

As soon as you make that first purchase, you will get an email announcing your status as a Preferred Customer.  And from then on every single purchase you make will be discounted by 10%.  The same shipping offer will still apply.  And there is also a loyalty bonus discount of 20% on one order after you have reached a certail level of “Product Value” points.

It’s all upside for you.  No committments.  No minimum or required ordering.  10% discount on every single item in every single order.  Ocassional discounts of 20%.  Monthly newsletter.  Monthly special offers.  An I will be here to support you in using the website and interacting with the ONEgroup system.  What’s not to like?

Make that first purchase today and be a ONEgroup Preferred Customer!

Wishing you and your loved ones Health and Happiness,
Linda Murdock

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