Natural Beauty

“Natural Beauty: More personal-care products and cosmetics are going green” is an interesting article I found today on at this link. Some of it has a local focus, but there are some really good tips for those of us trying to be green. I think you will find interesting items in it.

Advice is given by several different “green” people who tell how they protect themselves and the environment through daily actions. Some examples:

  • The first thing she tells people to do is place a chlorine filter on their shower head — because showering is the most concentrated form of chlorine exposure.
  • Also, when buying any products, beware of those with long lists of hard to pronounce chemicals, Reynolds says. Parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances, etc., are all things to avoid.
  • “I believe in natural soaps, because commercial soaps take the natural glycerin out, which makes them drying,” she says. A favorite of hers is the organic Vermont Soaps line, especially its oatmeal-lavender soap. She also likes a locally made brand Hydriads, with all-natural ingredients, such as essential oils. She sells both at her store.
  • Sanchez eats healthfully: raw oatmeal with whey protein and dried fruit once a day, yogurt once a day. She says she strives for meals with ingredients she can pronounce and drinks “water, water, water.”

The best to all of us working to make ourselves and our homes healthier for our loved ones and friendlier to the environment.


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