Organic Clothing

Usually I wear organic clothing if I can find it and afford it.  But there’s the rub.  There just isn’t a whole lot out there.  Looking in local stores, at least here in Myrtle Beach, SC, is usually a lost cause.  But even on-line, there just doesn’t seem to be much for adults.  I’ve seen lots of organic baby clothes, and who can deny that babies are more important than us lowly adults.  But…  I want organic clothing.

So when I found this site today, I was excited and wanted to share.  Yes, It’s Organic has a really extensive range or clothing for men, women, AND babies.  They also carry organic bedding and bath products, organic bags, organic home products, and sustainable furniture.  I was just blown away about the range of their offerings!

I know there are lots of other sites out there with organic clothing, and I hope you will help me find them.  Please leave us a comment with your suggestion!

Linda Murdock
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