What it Means to Buy Organic Products

Organic products may not be a priority to some people, but there is one thing that cannot be disagreed upon. Fertilizers are not used with these products which is always a benefit when it comes to pollutants that enter our rivers, lakes and streams.

I came across this article today and wanted to share it with all of you.  It was posted on Beauty Salon Glasgow in August of 2007 but it is just as true today as it was then.  Their title of the article is “What Does it Mean if you Buy Organic Products” so I shortened it slightly.  It’s a fairly long article, but very clear and informative.  You might reallly enjoy reading it.  Here is the link:  http://beautysalonglasgow.com/anti-wrinkle/what-does-it-mean-if-you-buy-organic-products/

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2 responses to “What it Means to Buy Organic Products

  1. Hi, I was delighted to discover this blog and it’s focus on organic products. looking foward to following your posts since organic cottons, hemp and bamboo are important to us.

  2. Hiya!

    I heard about you through Best Green Blogs, and I love what you are doing… Thank you!

    We have a group of websites, The Organic Home, http://bit.ly/1z9Dz and we would love to explore ways of communicating and sharing with you.

    To share ideas, information and plans would be such an exciting and positive way to go forward for us. We offer link exchange, we publish your blogs with full attribution and hotlinks direct to you, and offer full page listings on our ‘The Organic Sponsor’ page… http://www.achome.co.uk/theorganichome/organicgrowth.php

    It would be our honour to be able represent you in some way. There is NO CHARGE for these services, they are FREE. Our sites had over 8.5 Million hits last month and to share our growth with you would be our honour and privilege.

    Here at The Organic Home we say ‘we give to you’…

    Mark Golding

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