How to give yourself a facial massage

 Have you ever wondered how to effectively massage your face?  Watch this five minute video as Narelle Chenery of MiEssence walks you through the steps of a tension releasing, skin smoothing and toning facial massage. This is the kind of pampering that works wonders!

For the best possible effect, use USDA Certified Organic MiEssence products for your massage.  You can learn more about the products and purchase them at our storefront website.
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3 responses to “How to give yourself a facial massage

  1. Hi, Robin, Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I’m so glad you found us! Wishing you and your loved ones Health and Happiness, Linda Murdock

  2. I just found your site through Best Green Blogs and I am loving it! I usually do a mini-facial massage when I apply my moisturizer and this video gave me some great tips for when I do. Thanks!


  3. Dentists Kissimmee

    That was very interesting. thanks for sharing the video. seemed to be refreshing. – Shane

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