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Safe Cosmetics Video

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which was created by the Environmental Working Group, has just published a brand new video called “What’s Going on with Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics?”  It’s worth watching and sharing!

The video features Mia, the grassroots coordinator for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. If you can help out financially, THIS is a link for making a contribution to the Environmental Working Group. Or if you can devote a little time to support this grassroots effort, THIS is a link to actions you can take for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  We all need to help improve this horrible situation of toxins in our personal care products!
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Because we are all connected

I just got this in a Tweet from OrganicFest, which is an organic festival in Ashville, NC next weekend. It’s a terrific video and couldn’t resist sharing it.

This video (on YouTube) is a charming little cartoon totally suitable for everyone, even small children. It’s done by the World Wildlife Fund, but they aren’t pushy at promoting themselves. They just state at the end that this is the business of I really love this! Hope you like it, too!

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Support Environmental Organizations

There are many great ways to have a positive impact on the preservation and conservation of our precious environment here on the Earth.  Just to name a few:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle;  Buy Local and Organic;  Use Renewable Energy; and much, much more…  But we can also make financial contributions, no matter how small, to organizations who will use our money work in the field, doing the actual conservation and preservation work.  Here are a few organizations that I try to support. 

 Tell us about other organizations that you consider worthy of a donation.

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Summer Rayne Oakes – Eco-Model

Perhaps I’m just oblivious to mainstream media, or maybe just oblivious.  StyleNaturallyBut I had never heard of Summer Rayne Oakes until today.  I have to thank Gideon Wayne Fitzpatrick for writing a blog post about her on his site yesterday.  That’s how I found her.  He mentioned her new book and the fact that she reviews MiEssence products in it.  The book is titled Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty.  I guess I’ll have to buy a copy to see the product reviews and also her pages about Narelle Chenery, our ONEgroup founder.

But I became intrigued by this beautiful young woman and just what exactly an Eco-Model might be.  So, I Googled her name and got 59,500 links.  She has websites,, a blog,,  her own WikiPedia listing (with LOTS of reference links), and is a contributor at  and  She seems to be the real deal, Brains AND Beauty.  

Here’s her definition of Eco-Modeling: 

Values-based modelingnoun
The act, art, or profession of aligning your values and image with the core social, ethical, and environmental values of a company, brand, organization, or program.

synonyms: cause-related modeling, eco-modeling”

I have to applaud her efforts.  She is using her notoriety to promote green values.  She can have so much more of an impact than most of us.  I respect and support her work.

What do you think?


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Organic Clothing

Usually I wear organic clothing if I can find it and afford it.  But there’s the rub.  There just isn’t a whole lot out there.  Looking in local stores, at least here in Myrtle Beach, SC, is usually a lost cause.  But even on-line, there just doesn’t seem to be much for adults.  I’ve seen lots of organic baby clothes, and who can deny that babies are more important than us lowly adults.  But…  I want organic clothing.

So when I found this site today, I was excited and wanted to share.  Yes, It’s Organic has a really extensive range or clothing for men, women, AND babies.  They also carry organic bedding and bath products, organic bags, organic home products, and sustainable furniture.  I was just blown away about the range of their offerings!

I know there are lots of other sites out there with organic clothing, and I hope you will help me find them.  Please leave us a comment with your suggestion!

Linda Murdock
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Natural Beauty

“Natural Beauty: More personal-care products and cosmetics are going green” is an interesting article I found today on at this link. Some of it has a local focus, but there are some really good tips for those of us trying to be green. I think you will find interesting items in it.

Advice is given by several different “green” people who tell how they protect themselves and the environment through daily actions. Some examples:

  • The first thing she tells people to do is place a chlorine filter on their shower head — because showering is the most concentrated form of chlorine exposure.
  • Also, when buying any products, beware of those with long lists of hard to pronounce chemicals, Reynolds says. Parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances, etc., are all things to avoid.
  • “I believe in natural soaps, because commercial soaps take the natural glycerin out, which makes them drying,” she says. A favorite of hers is the organic Vermont Soaps line, especially its oatmeal-lavender soap. She also likes a locally made brand Hydriads, with all-natural ingredients, such as essential oils. She sells both at her store.
  • Sanchez eats healthfully: raw oatmeal with whey protein and dried fruit once a day, yogurt once a day. She says she strives for meals with ingredients she can pronounce and drinks “water, water, water.”

The best to all of us working to make ourselves and our homes healthier for our loved ones and friendlier to the environment.


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