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Organic Skin Care Product Trends

Found this through The Organic Marketplace Journal written by Herbalix Restoratives on May 17, 2011.  Web links go to the Herbalix Restoratives website but does not imply an endorsement by me.  However, I agree with this article and I’m taking a look at their product line and may comment later.  Thanks, Linda Murdock


There has been an increase in the amount of organic skin care products being purchased by consumers as they are realizing that what you put on your skin matters. Natural skin care products are healthier for the skin and safer for the environment.

What’s more, people are also aware of the harmful ingredients in traditional skincare product lines. In fact there was a study performed by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and they discovered industrial compounds, and alarming results. This study found 91 pollutants and other chemicals in the blood and urine of participants, many of which were traced back to non-organic beauty products.

Experts also discovered that 60 percent of ingredients within natural skin care products are absorbed through the skin and into a person’s bloodstream.

Worse yet, when these harmful ingredients are used even for a few years, they can lead to a buildup in your organs of unwanted chemicals and sometimes, unexplained illness.

You can protect yourself before this happens. All you have to do is start using organic skin careproducts. The benefits include the fact that they rejuvenate the skin and also provide essential nutrients, keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth, givesthe appearance of youthful skin, and helps prevent acne. It is safer to use over an extended period of time because it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

Organic skin care products are also more affordable. Like many people, you’re probably wondering how in the world organic skin care products can be less expensive than traditional products. With traditional products, a person will more likely use more of a particular product and need to buy it more often.

Herbalix Geranium Moisturizer

Herbalix Geranium Moisturizer

For example, Geranium Cream Moisturizer for dry-damage skin may cost more than the average cream moisturizers you find at traditional stores for $8.99. That’s because it contains a variety of natural ingredients. It also lasts a lot longer than a jar of non-organic moisturizer. Non-organic skin care products contain a high percentage of water as a base ingredient. So, you’re basically purchasing a highly diluted product. It’s like buying expensive water. A person who uses non-organic cream moisturizers may go through two to three jars before they notice results which are usually only temporary. You’re actually saving more money when you buy organic skin care products because you consume less of the product, the results are visible earlier and they last because your skin is becoming healthier. Another disadvantage of non-organic products is that many use fillers and artificial thickeners to make products appear creamy and smooth. Also, beware of products that claim to be ‘natural’. These cheap imitations usually contain harmful ingredients. Make sure you read the ingredients of skincare products before you buy. Advantages of using organic skin care products are made from skin beneficial ingredients derived from the earth and not from chemicals or man-made ingredients.

Another advantage of using organic products is that they rejuvenate the skin and stimulate cell growth. A non-organic product does the exact opposite. When you incorporate a healthy diet with natural, organic skin care products it will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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A Wake-up Call from Healthy Child Healthy World

This is a wonderful little video about working against toxins in the environment.  It is done by Healthy Child Healthy WorldHealthy Child Healthy World Logo

A Wake-Up Story is a must-see video for every parent and anyone that cares about the health and development of children. Watch it. Share it. Join the movement. Awakeupstory.org

Healthy Child Healthy World is a really terrific non-profit organization.  They have a newsletter, lots of on-line helpful information, and a great and inexpensive book (only $6.01 from Amazon)Healthy Child Healthy World book

Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Of course, we recommend that the USDA certified organic, 100% safe and toxin free, MiEssence Mother & Baby line of products is an excellent place to start for these efforts.[tweetmeme source=gsorganics only_single=false]

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Safe Cosmetics Video

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which was created by the Environmental Working Group, has just published a brand new video called “What’s Going on with Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics?”  It’s worth watching and sharing!

The video features Mia, the grassroots coordinator for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. If you can help out financially, THIS is a link for making a contribution to the Environmental Working Group. Or if you can devote a little time to support this grassroots effort, THIS is a link to actions you can take for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  We all need to help improve this horrible situation of toxins in our personal care products!
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Natural Beauty

“Natural Beauty: More personal-care products and cosmetics are going green” is an interesting article I found today on http://www.Cleveland.com at this link. Some of it has a local focus, but there are some really good tips for those of us trying to be green. I think you will find interesting items in it.

Advice is given by several different “green” people who tell how they protect themselves and the environment through daily actions. Some examples:

  • The first thing she tells people to do is place a chlorine filter on their shower head — because showering is the most concentrated form of chlorine exposure.
  • Also, when buying any products, beware of those with long lists of hard to pronounce chemicals, Reynolds says. Parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances, etc., are all things to avoid.
  • “I believe in natural soaps, because commercial soaps take the natural glycerin out, which makes them drying,” she says. A favorite of hers is the organic Vermont Soaps line, especially its oatmeal-lavender soap. She also likes a locally made brand Hydriads, with all-natural ingredients, such as essential oils. She sells both at her store.
  • Sanchez eats healthfully: raw oatmeal with whey protein and dried fruit once a day, yogurt once a day. She says she strives for meals with ingredients she can pronounce and drinks “water, water, water.”

The best to all of us working to make ourselves and our homes healthier for our loved ones and friendlier to the environment.


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In looking around the Internet today, I found this very interesting Press Release:

CHICAGO, IL, March 27, 2009 –/WORLD-WIRE/– America’s Beauty Show, March 28-30 in Chicago, is dedicated to safe and healthy beauty salons. By doing so, the Show raises serious and decades overdue concerns on the dangers of conventional nationwide salons.  more…

The author of this Press Release is:Toxic Beauty
Samuel S. Epstein, MD
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition
Professor emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
Chicago, Illinois
(Author of Toxic Beauty, 2009, BenBella Books) This book is brand new; published in March 2009.

e-mail epstein@uic.edu

In fact, this whole conference looks like it could be interesting for those of us looking for healthier personal care products! I found the Press Release through the Environmental News Network’s article about the conference.

Beauty Salon Industry Warned of Toxic Dangers

CHICAGO, Illinois, March 27, 2009 (ENS) – Some 60,000 beauty salon professionals are gathering in Chicago for America’s Beauty Show and Expo for Skin Care & Spa, a three-day extravaganza opening Saturday at the McCormick Place Convention Center. Runway shows, entertainment and education events, product orientation and purchasing, networking and socializing are on the agenda.   more…

FYI, the link to the Expo site is http://www.americasexpo.com/I sure wish we, ONEgroup and MiEssence, were represented there!  Oh, well, maybe next year!

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FREE MiEssence Product Drawing Monthly

Sometimes I think about the “why” of what I’m doing with my ONEgroup business.  Selling has never been something I aspired to do and I certainly didn’t show any aptitude for it.  My brother on the other hand has been an expert at selling since he was a teenager.  Because of him, I know that there is an actual science of selling.  He excels at it!

So why do I find myself at the age of 60 “selling” organic personal care products.  It certainly isn’t to get rich!  So why?  The truth of the matter is that in the summer of 2007, I was seaching the internet for products made from organically farmed ingredients.  I was aware that putting chemicals on our bodies and in our bodies and in the environment around us is very dangerous behavior.  It might even be considered somewhat suicidal.

I’ve always been partial to organic products, and in 2007, I was aware that most of the supposed natural personal care products in the stores where really no better than the brand name ones, from a chemical standpoint and from how well they work.   I had tried many different brands of natural skin care and personal care products, not to mention most of the expensive department store brands.   But I had never found a “stand-out” product.  Nothing that really made an improvement in my skin, or my teeth, or my hair, etc.

But then I found ONEgroup and the MiEssence brand.  As an oldster, I use the Rejuvenating line of skin care products, and right away my skin felt better, really better!  On top of that my friends and family started asking me what was I doing to make my skin look so good.  I was told that I looked 10 years younger, music to my old ears.

So suddenly these  certified organic products took on a special potential.  Something good for the Earth, somethng good for people, and something that actually works well on the human body.  Was I dreaming??  NO!

So, here I am.  I prefer not to think of it as sellling, but I guess it is.  Mostly I want to educate consumers on the power of their purchases to improve our health and our world.  And the contribution that buying and using organic products makes to the health, safety, and reduced chemical load on ourselves and our planet.

But really, I just want to give away the products to everyone.  If I were rich, that is exactly what I would do.  But until then, I will just give away one FREE MiEssence product each month.  Stop by the storefront and enter for your chance to win.  All the best!

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MiEssence Mouthwash

The perfect mouthwash to use after you’ve brushed your teeth with the MiEssence certified organic toothpaste is of course the MiEssence mouthwash.  No, I really can’t claim to be unbiased, but I do truly believe it.  I started using the toothpaste and the mouthwash almost two years ago, and still love them.

When it comes to unsafe, artificial chemicals, mouthwashes can be loaded.  The first and most obvious is alcohol.  Many mouthwashes contain very high percentages of alcohol.  This article published at the UPI (United Press International) website on January 12, 2009 is even titled  Alcohol in mouthwash may raise cancer risk.

In addition, the following caution, “Coal-tar-based dyes such as FD&C Blue 1, used in toothpastes, and FD&C Green 3, used in mouthwash, have been found to be carcinogenic in animal studies when injected under skin,” can be found in the National Geographic GREEN GUIDE: The Dirty Dozen Chemicals in Cosmetics.

I’ve started this blog with MiEssence Toothpaste and MiEssence Mouthwash because these are products we put in our mouth and they can therefore be very dangerous if they contain unsafe artificial chemicals.  The entire area of flesh inside of our mouthes is “mucuous membrane”  which secretes and absorbs fluids in the mouth.  The act of brushing the hard enamel surface of our teeth tends to scratch and tear at the gums, often causing bleeding.  Then we have a direct opening into our bloodstream.  Not to mention swallowing.  Some portion of our toothpaste and mouthwash cannot help but be swallowed into our digestive system when we put them into our mouthes.

If you only choose one or two products to switch over to organic, I suggest you choose toothpaste and mouthwash.  Any chemical burden occurring in the mouth has direct access to the interior of our bodies.  It needs to be safe and pure.  Here is a list of the ingredients in MiEssence Mouthwash:   certified organic aloe vera leaf juice, certified organic thyme leaf extract, sea salt, certified organic cinnamon leaf essential oil, certified organic clove bud essential oil, myrrh essential oil, sclerotium rolfsii gum, certified organic peppermint essential oil, aqua (water), certified organic sage leaf extract, certified organic spearmint essential oil, stevia rebaudiana extract, and bitter orange fruit extract.  It has an intense, tingling flavor and can be diluted with water to taste.  Mine has lasted for many months because I use it diluted 50/50 with water.

Your mouth will feel clean and refreshed and you will have peace of mind that your mouthwash contains no artificial chemicals when you use MiEssence Mouthwash.

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MiEssence Toothpaste

When I brush my teeth in the morning, it reminds me how important what we put in our mouth is to our overall health.  Just the act of brushing the teeth itself is vital to both health and social harmony.  But the product we put on the toothbrush can be beneficial or not.  It can also be harmful in subtle ways.

I was pretty young when I realized that brushing my teeth with something that was sweet was probably not the right thing to do.  If we are told not to eat candy because “it will rot your teeth,” how can sugar in our toothpaste be right?  So I started looking for a toothpaste without sugar.  At one point, I remember using just plain old baking soda as an option, but that tastes pretty nasty.

Then some toothpastes started using artificial sweeteners.  But I never did trust those chemicals in sodas or in toothpaste.  Turns out my instincts were right, of course.  It was a blessing when Tom’s of Maine came out with their “natural” toothpastes.  At first, it was hard work to even find them, but worth the effort.  Little did I know that even these natural products had some questionable ingredients.

When I first found the MiEssence brand in the summer of 2007, it was the facial moisturizer that first caught my eye.  But as I tried the other products and found that they too worked well and contained only beneficial ingredients, I set out to try everything.  Early on, I tried the MiEssence Lemon Toothpaste; and I still use it two years later.

It’s not sweet at all (no sugar or artificial sweeteners) and it gets my teeth squeaky clean like baking soda (which is an ingredient).  My teeth truly feel cleaner and I know that it contains only beneficial, USDA certified organic ingredients.  Toothpaste heaven!

For reference and to allow you to do further research, here are some terrific resources:

Brushing up on the safety of toothpaste ingredients is an article published in May of 2005 which talks about the research done by the Environmental Working Group on toothpaste ingredients.

At their Safe Cosmetics Database website, EWG posts safety ratings of all types of of personal care products including toothpaste.   If you do a search on “toothpaste” at that site you will find two unsafe ingredients used in toothpastes, and 606 individual toothpaste products listed with their safety ratings.  The three flavors of MiEssence toothpaste, Lemon, Mint, and Anise, are all listed with zero out of ten “hazard” points.  And MiEssence is the ONLY brand with a zero hazard ranking in this category.

We sell all three flavors of MiEssence toothpaste on our storefront website, http://www.MyrtleBeachOrganics.com.

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About Organic Products

The way we interact with our environment is extremely important to every part of our health and our future. We can grow crops for use in foods and other products using synthetic chemicals as fertilizing and pest control techniques, or we can use natural fertilizing substances and natural pest control methods in our farming.

The modern day tendency has been to use the “advances” offered to us by the chemical manufacturers as somehow better, convenient, and easy to use. But over time, it has become clear that pesticides were killing our birds and fish as well as the intended insect targets (refer to Silent Spring written by Rachel Carson). Chemical fertilizers have also contaminated our streams, rivers, and bays often causing harmful algae blooms that also kill valuable fish.

Long ago it was found that the pesticide DDT (since banned by the US government) was infiltrating into our water supply and food chain to threaten human health. But today many, many more pesticides and artificial fertilizers are being released daily into our environment. Even worse, many of these chemical pollutants are very long-lived. Some, in fact, never break down into harmless components, but persist as dangers to all life on our planet for many years into the future.

Fortunately, today many farmers and concerned citizens know that the more pure and natural approach to growing our food and herb crops is vital to reducing the chemical load on our land and on our bodies. When we farm the land with natural organic nutrients and balance pest populations with natural predators, we are protecting the environment from chemical pollutants that can have far-reaching negative consequences.

Scientific research has also shown that organically grown foods and herbs have higher benefits and nutritional value. So organic products offer superior benefits for human health, and organic farming methods keep harmful chemicals out of our environment. Such a deal!

As consumers, when we purchase anything, we are giving our support to the company and methods used to produce the product. If we buy the chemically produced products, those companies will thrive and continue to use methods that are unsafe for our health and our Earth. If, however, we choose the organically produced products, we are supporting the farmers and processors who are using safer, natural processes that protect our health and the health of our Earth.

So every day, we make choices that can make a difference. We should always look for the organic choice whenever possible to encourage conservation of a clean and natural environment for ourselves and our future generations. And we really need to pick the healthier choice for our own bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.

Organic personal care products have become the specific focus of my recent efforts. I don’t think that most people realize how many dangerous chemicals we are putting on our skin and hair and into our mouth every day. When I became aware of it, I was truly shocked. It’s actually very hard to even find a shampoo, body lotion, or toothpaste that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Fortunately, there is a terrific non-profit organization that publishes extensive information about harmful chemicals and which products are safer. It is called the Environmental Working Group at www.ewg.org and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at www.safecosmetics.org.

Also, people need to be aware that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Our skin is designed to transfer some substances out of and into the body. We have pores in our skin that reach down into the bottom layers of skin to enable us to perspire when we are too warm. And the top layer of our skin is constantly throwing off old dead skin cells, while the new cells rise up toward the surface.

So the surface of our skin with its pores to the inside is very open to outside substances. We all know that Vitamin D is absorbed through our skin just from sunshine.  It’s easy to see for yourself how a light lotion placed on your hand or arm very quickly disappears into your skin and body.

Therefore personal care products are a very important component of our health care for our bodies. And my personal experience is that organic products feel better on my body, make my hair clean, soft, and shiny, and get my teeth cleaner. I can tell that these products are actually healthier and work better than the products that I had used in the past.

I have spent years searching for the very best in organically produced products. In the summer of 2007, when I found ONEgroup, I was thrilled. I immediately bought samples and then I got REALLY excited. Their products have all been the very best performing products of any kind that I’ve ever tried.

So, I became an Independent Representative for ONEgroup’s three brands, MiEssence, MiEnviron, and MiVitality. I’m sort of a “retired” old lady, and I’m so happy that I have found such a wonderful work for the later years of my life. Take a look at some of my website if you have time. And I’ll work on blogging about the products in this location.


We wish you and your loved ones Health and Happiness!

Linda Murdock

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