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Sometimes I think about the “why” of what I’m doing with my ONEgroup business.  Selling has never been something I aspired to do and I certainly didn’t show any aptitude for it.  My brother on the other hand has been an expert at selling since he was a teenager.  Because of him, I know that there is an actual science of selling.  He excels at it!

So why do I find myself at the age of 60 “selling” organic personal care products.  It certainly isn’t to get rich!  So why?  The truth of the matter is that in the summer of 2007, I was seaching the internet for products made from organically farmed ingredients.  I was aware that putting chemicals on our bodies and in our bodies and in the environment around us is very dangerous behavior.  It might even be considered somewhat suicidal.

I’ve always been partial to organic products, and in 2007, I was aware that most of the supposed natural personal care products in the stores where really no better than the brand name ones, from a chemical standpoint and from how well they work.   I had tried many different brands of natural skin care and personal care products, not to mention most of the expensive department store brands.   But I had never found a “stand-out” product.  Nothing that really made an improvement in my skin, or my teeth, or my hair, etc.

But then I found ONEgroup and the MiEssence brand.  As an oldster, I use the Rejuvenating line of skin care products, and right away my skin felt better, really better!  On top of that my friends and family started asking me what was I doing to make my skin look so good.  I was told that I looked 10 years younger, music to my old ears.

So suddenly these  certified organic products took on a special potential.  Something good for the Earth, somethng good for people, and something that actually works well on the human body.  Was I dreaming??  NO!

So, here I am.  I prefer not to think of it as sellling, but I guess it is.  Mostly I want to educate consumers on the power of their purchases to improve our health and our world.  And the contribution that buying and using organic products makes to the health, safety, and reduced chemical load on ourselves and our planet.

But really, I just want to give away the products to everyone.  If I were rich, that is exactly what I would do.  But until then, I will just give away one FREE MiEssence product each month.  Stop by the storefront and enter for your chance to win.  All the best!

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